A new twitterbot

So I got a little bored the other day and decided I needed something to do. I so happen to see a story about someone creating an amazing twitter bot which would troll the evangelist Joel Osteen. Essentially this bot would get his latest tweet, and re-tweet (under the account Joel Dongsteen) the the post. This is fine and dandy, only it would edit the tweet. It would look for the word “God” and replace them with the words “Your dick”.

After laughing pretty hard for some time, I decided I wanted to make something similar and publish the code, so anyone could troll whomever they wish.

So I created a quick python script (which is still under development) to do just this. I havent fully tested it quite yet, but I am sure it wont take long to get running 100%

Joel Dongsteen’s twitter feed is here

The link to my gitub twitter bot is here


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