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So I got a little bored the other day and decided I needed something to do. I so happen to see a story about someone creating an amazing twitter bot which would troll the evangelist Joel Osteen. Essentially this bot would get his latest tweet, and re-tweet (under the account Joel Dongsteen) the the post. This is fine and dandy, only it would edit the tweet. It would look for the word “God” and replace them with the words “Your dick”.

After laughing pretty hard for some time, I decided I wanted to make something similar and publish the code, so anyone could troll whomever they wish.

So I created a quick python script (which is still under development) to do just this. I havent fully tested it quite yet, but I am sure it wont take long to get running 100%

Joel Dongsteen’s twitter feed is here

The link to my gitub twitter bot is here


One thought on “A new twitterbot

  1. Jason,
    I am trying to help a neighbors son get through the OSCP course. I didn’t see your email, so I’m writing to you via your “blog.” My friend’s son has signed up for the course now I believe four times, and has failed the exam four times. He hasn’t made it into the IT world yet, but it is all he breathes and thinks about. He has worked for a web hosting company, is familiar with LINEX, and is highly intelligent.

    What frustrates me is that there does not seem to be any professors or teachers he can learn from; he get the material, self studies, works in the labs, and takes the exam. There is no university course at UAA that covers this material, and no votec courses available to him either. But working on computer security is all he wants to do in life—he can talk my ear off about the different ways a computer can be breached, etc. He is an Eagle Scout—ethical and sharp, and dedicated. But the “try harder” isn’t enough—-he needs some help from someone in the field. I’m a pilot by profession—when you are learning to fly you have an instructor that teaches you. What he is doing seems to me is just spending a lot of money with zero instruction, wading through the material, ‘beating’ some the machines, and not some of the others. He talks about ‘buffer overflow’ and getting “admin” level entrance—but the bottom line is I can’t follow him.

    I fear he will give up….the simple truth is he doesn’t have a lot of money, so saving up to take the course and then the exam after 90 days is all he can do; but he wants it so bad that he doesn’t care about anything else. He gave up a job and moved back home with his father so he could prepare for the exam, and he stuidied and practiced 15 hour days one day after the other. But in the end he failed again. I would look at his report but wouldn’t know what I was looking at. So, I can’t help him–it’s not may area of expertise.

    Any guidance you can provide him, or if I could put you two in contact, would be most appreciated. If you know any ‘teachers’ or “professors” that could work with him that would be fantastic.

    John Dieffenderfer

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